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Spreading like a virus

Thanks for Workrave. It's spreading like a virus at my workplace. I publicly praised Workrave in a newspaper column I wrote recently:

"Take breaks. Grinding away at a task for hours on end, you'll lose perspective and eyesight. As Lincoln said, if he had to chop down a tree, he'd take breaks to sharpen his ax. I use a free computer program called Workrave ( to remind me to look away from the screen and walk around every so often. Just knowing that a nap, a vacation, or a meal is on the horizon can make me more productive and not look for excuses to take little breaks all the time."

Thanks again.

Sumana Harihareswara

Slovak newspaper

I would like to thank you for your work on windows version of WorkRave and its development. I feel fine while using it. I helps me a lot not to forget about rest and training.

So I had to do something to pay you back. I have written an article focusing on it published in the most read Slovak newspaper. About 260 thousands copies sold. Here is online version of it.

Thanks again, Milan Gigel / independent IT writer

Another Workpace convert

Being a Windows user, I have been a registered user of WorkPace for over 2 years. I discovered you app about 4 months ago and fell in love with it. It offered virtually everything that Workpace offered and more. Considering that Workpace only released one trivial update (no noticeable feature, just some random bug) to their app within those two years I was happy to leave it behind me.

Travis Owens

Workrave versus Break TIme and VDU Tachograph

Thanks. I have RSI and find your program excellent. I have used two other programs, 'Break time' and 'VDU tachograph', both of them are badly designed.

Some things they do not do is:

1. They do not inform you when your next break is. 2. You cannot postpone a break. 3. You cannot force the user to stop by blocking the machine. 4. You measure activity, and NOT just time. Sometimes (with the other software), when I take a 10 minute break and come back and sit down it tells me to take a break!

Thanks again,

Anonymous Analyst/Programmer


Hi - Thanks for writing workrave - I had been using xwrits but workrave is a lot more configurable. Keep up the great work!

David Kennedy


Workrave is a very handy little app.

I broke my back in a work accident several years ago - whilst I still retain the ability to walk, I constantly experience pain ranging from manageable to incapacitatingly agonising. As such, I regularly visit a local physio-the-rapist (who also does accupuncture.)

One of the things he berates me for, is how long I sit at the computer. Of course, being in IT (now - I don't do physical labour anymore) I spend a minimum of 14 hours in front of a computer, usually closer to 20. (It *is* my hobby too, after all!)

I started using Workrave and even showed it to him. He's since stopped torturing me as much during my visits.

Workpace convert

Too cool! I think this is an awesome program. I was using Workpace under Win32, but I'll switch to this.

Thanks for this program! Matthew

Well done

Well done with workrave it's a very tidy application. I'm also impressed with how well you've integrated GTK with Windows.

cheers, Oliver.