Workrave 1.10 Released

Workrave 1.10 has been released. It features support for Gnome 3 and Unity. On Windows, resuming from hibernate/sleep should no longer keep Workrave suspended.


  • Split "show 'postpone' and 'skip'" checkbox into two checkboxes.
  • Add the capability to delete all stored statistics (Ray Satiro)
  • Workrave now offers a Gnome 3 applet. Applets for both Gnome 3 classic and the Gnome shell are available.
  • Workrave now offers an application indicator (applet) in Unity.
  • Workrave now supports DBus on window. DBus can be used to control Workrave by an external program.
  • Many new translations and translation updates.

Bug fixes. Including:

  • On Windows, Workrave does not stay in the 'suspended' mode after resuming from hibernate/sleep.