Workrave 1.9.4 released

Workrave 1.9.4 has been released. It features keyboard shortcuts on break windows and a number of other small improvements. Furthermore, a number of crashes have been fixed and hibernate/standby should now be handled properly on Windows 7.


  • The skip and postpone button now have keyboard shortcuts (Alt-S and Alt-P in the English version).
  • The automatic start of a restbreak when the screen is locked is now configurable.
  • On Windows, Workrave shows a reminder balloon when Workrave starts up in suspended or quiet mode.
  • The (un)installer now automatically shuts down Workrave before (un)installation.

Bug fixes. Including:

  • Fixed crash when the 'mute all audio during breaks' option is enabled.
  • Fixed issue where Workrave remains suspended after hibernate/standby on Window 7.
  • Fixed issue where the reading mode was reset after changing settings.
  • It is no longer possible to disable both the notification icon and the main window.