Workrave 1.9.1 released

Workrave 1.9.1 has been released. It features updated translations and, ofcourse, the usual bug fixing.

Updated translations;

  • new Romanian translation (Alexandru Szasz)
  • new Estonian translation (Marko Väljaots)
  • Removed extra "2" character in the Hungarian translation (Márton Németh)
  • Update of Hungarian translation
  • Update of Swedish translation

Many bug fixes. Including:

  • Fix saving the username in the networking preferences (Francois Marier)
  • Fix KDE compilation errors (Stanislav Brabec)
  • Fixed issue where autostart settings on Windows was not stored
  • Fixed crashes when trying to add a host in networking preferences
  • User activity is now recognized on Xorg 1.6.0
  • Fixed color in dark UI themes on Gnome.
  • Workrave no longer shows two icons on GNOME notification panel
  • Fixed tray icon tranparency
  • Fixed issue on Vista where the break window is not on top of other windows (Ray Satiro)
  • Improved volume control on Windows