Workrave 1.4.1 released

The most notable changes in this release are: added a new option "Block mode" ranging from no blocking (break windows can be freely dragged around) to full input and screen blocking, added multihead support for Windows, improved suspend (to ram) support, added "Shut down" and "Lock" buttons to the break windows. Furthermore, the stability on Windows improved considerably now that several longstanding issues have been resolved.

  • Replaced the "Block input" setting (which was available per break) by a global "Block mode" setting, located in the GUI preferences. The available block modes are "None" (NEW: no input is blocked and break windows have a title bar and can be dragged), "Block input" (blocks input, break windows are fixed), "Block all" (NEW: blocks input and display).
  • The Windows installer now offers the option to install Workrave using the standalone Dropline GTK+ runtime. For more information, see
  • Removed the "Force break after maximum preludes" option. It is now on by default.
  • Some strings in the German translation were too long, fixed.
  • Added multihead support for Windows.
  • Improved suspend (to ram) support. Workrave now assumes that you are idle while suspended instead of assuming that no time passes.
  • Improved multihead support. The status window is now automatically relocated when the monitor on which it is displayed is removed. It moved back to its original location when the monitor returns.
  • Exercises navigation can now be used without causing Workrave to remove the break window and show the warning windows again.
  • If supported by your system, the daily limit window includes a "Shut down" button.
  • There now is a "Lock" button on the rest break, so that you can safely lock your display while you are taking breaks. If the daily limit window does not include the "Shut down" button, it includes the "Lock" button instead.