Workrave 1.4.0 released

Finally, Workrave 1.4.0 is out. The most interesting changes in this version include: exercises, new translations (Polish, Danish and Spanish), multi-head support, support for disabling breaks, the content of the status window has been made configurable, improved (flickerfree) blocking mechanism on Windows.

  • Added exercises.
  • Workrave has been translated to Polish, Danish and Spanish. Many thanks to Mikolaj Machowski, Christian Vejlbo, and Pablo Rodriguez!
  • Multihead support for X11. Workrave now shows break windows on all monitors.
  • Workrave can now cope with changes in system time and OS features like suspend-to-ram.
  • Previously, the end time that showed up in the stats dialog equaled the time at which the clock reset (typically equal to the start of the next working day). This lead to weird from/to times, as in: "From 8:46 to 9:10". Fixed.
  • Added an icon to the skip/postpone buttons on break windows.
  • Many laptop pointer devices "drift" over time. This used to cause Workrave to detect activity when there was in fact none. Fixed, thanks to Chung-chieh Shan.
  • On Windows, Workrave now notices when Explorer crashes and will try to reinsert the tray icon in the new Explorer taskbar that is created when Explorer restarts.
  • Rewrote the user input blocking mechanism on Windows. You should no longer experience visual quirks (like flashing windows or unexpectedly focusing random windows) during breaks.
  • On Linux, Workrave now notices when the gnome-panel crashes and will reinsert the applet in the new panel.
  • The content of the status window can now be configured.
  • Breaks can now be disabled.