Workrave 1.2.2 released

The Window version now has a native look and feel, so Workrave no longer looks like a second grade application when running on Windows. Furthermore, support for Gnome session management was improved: Workrave is now properly restarted by the Gnome session manager. Finally, the overall user interface has improved, addressing most HIG issues.

  • If you stopped working during a prelude just before it was about to disappear, the prelude would still go away because Workrave assumed you wanted to continue working. This behaviour has been changed now: if there is no activity when the count-down has reached zero, Workrave waits a couple of seconds to see if you are really idle. If that is the case, a break window appears. If not, you can continue working.
  • Redesigned the preferences panel. It used to have nested tabs, these have been replaced with an icon shortcut bar.
  • The break windows have been given a title.
  • The Window version now included GTK-Wimp. This makes the visual appearance of Workrave blend much better into the Windows desktop environment (
  • Beter support for Gnome session management. Workrave is now properly restarted by the gnome session manager.
  • The applet can now be configured to show only the Workrave sheep. Clicking on the sheep will toggle the visibility of the main window.