Workrave 1.2.0 released

The most important new features in this version are statistics and Gnome/KDE applet support. Workrave now keeps track of all your activity and allows you to browse through any date in history to see for how long you used the computer, how many keys you pressed, the distance your mouse moved, and many other statistical data. Furthermore, when running Workrave on Gnome or KDE, the break information can be displayed itself in the panel.

  • Johannes Rohr provided a german translation, thanks!
  • Added applet support. Workrave now supports both a native Gnome applet, as well as a system tray applet that *should* also work on KDE.
  • Added statistics. Workrave shows break statistics and daily usage. More statistics will be added later.
  • A leaflet promoting Workrave is now available. Please spread it as far as possible. For example, distribute several copies at the office.